The “V8” Tuktuk causing a stir in Mombasa

A VIP tuktuk has been introduced in the market in Mombasa  creating a stir following its peculiarity and improved features.

Mombasa residents have been startled by this unique tuktuk and named it, “V8 Tuktuk”.

new tuktuk source: wish fm

Michael Kabuga the owner of the VIP tuktuk has shipped in 30 units of them and hopes to disrupt the market.

According to Kabuga, the tuktuk is currently on sale for Sh500,000 when shipped from China and the cost is expected to rise on demand. An average tuktuk is sold from as low as Sh150,000.

The normal tuk tuk in the streets

The businessman lists the features of the tuktuk as follows:

  1. Four doors with adjustable windows
  2. Fully fledged AC system that regulates the temperature.
  3. radiator with a 2-litre capacity coolant
  4. Interior leather décor
  5. 150 cc engine
latest VIP tuktuk source:nation

“My tuk-tuk is top notch, it has permits to visit private areas. This means I can easily go to the State House with this tuk-tuk” Kabuga claimed.

“I call upon the Uber administration to come so that we work together as my tuk-tuk is more like any other normal car,” he said

This move has however scared other tuk-tuk drivers who fear losing clients to this latest machine.

Here is the video.

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