Why university students should not date

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Being in university makes so many students feel like grown-ups or mature adults while in the real sense many are not. Some use and waste their parents’ money as their own. Here are the reasons why campus students should not be in relationships.

  1. Relationships are expensive. With the pocket money students get from their parents, it’s not enough to cater for their basic needs and at the same time go out on dates and buy each other gifts. Stop stressing yourself because you can’t afford to buy him/her a birthday gift. It’s not mandatory.
  2. You lose focus. Education and relationships require all your time and energy. Juggling a relationship and your education means choosing. Hence, slacking in school while focusing on your relationship or the other way round. Do what took you to university.
  3. There are high chances of falling pregnant while dating on campus. You either don’t understand the concept of protection since you are still young or it’s your first time having sex so you don’t really understand how it goes.
  4. Dating young can bring behavioral problems and emotional instability. Physiologist and education professionals suggest that young students involved in romantic relationships are more likely to have behavioral problems since they are too young to handle emotional distress.
  5. A campus student has no life experience. So dealing with heartbreaks on campus can break you since you are not fully grown to handle such traumas. And that’s why ex-couples in universities never forget their first heartbreaks.

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Avoid emotional and physical clutter and focus on yourself and your studies. Make mum and dad proud.

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