App created to ‘undress women’ closed after uproar

DeepNude software application that was created to virtually undress women with the use of artificial intelligence (AI)

The creators of the app have had to close it down as netizens complained about it degrading women.

According to the creators, the app was only meant to be used for entertainment purposes and they did not know it will go viral.

However, people did not take this lightly and demanded the creators close the app as it was a disrespect to women.

A netizen criticizing creators of DeepNude.

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“The probability that people will misuse deep nude is very high. We do not want to make money this way,” said DeepNude creators on Twitter.

What DeepNude Creators had to say when closing the app.

The Washington Post showed netizens how the app works by taking a photo of a clothed woman and changing it into a nude image using software.

The creators of DeepNude offered a free trial version of the app and a paid version.

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