Importance of sex education to a teenager

Most parents believe that giving their children sex education will encourage them to engage in promiscuity.

However, this is not the case as Health Kids state that children who receive sex education at home are actually less likely to engage in risky sexual activity.

Here are the importance of teaching your child sex education:

It is a precaution: There are many myths and misconception about sex which children can learn from their peers or the internet. Therefore, to ensure your child does to fall victim to false information, you should be their primary source. Teach them what they need to know about sex according to their age before they learn it somewhere else.

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Their is safety in knowledge: Teaching your child sex education will more likely prevent them from getting early pregnancy. It will also ensure they know how to protect themselves from sexual assaults. It is safer if they know all these details about sex than if they fall victim to something that could have been avoided.

Instilling values: Teaching sex education is also about instilling values to your child. This way they can learn about fornication, protected sex, sexual orientation, faithfulness and other issues related to sex and relationships. Instilling the values does not mean your child will automatically follow them but it shows as a parent you are responsible for decisions.

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