Bob Collymore wanted to be cremated because ‘a funeral is too expensive’

The late Bob Collymore, the Safaricom CEO until his death, said that upon the end of his life, he wants to be cremated.

Collymore said the cost of a funeral is too high and if he died, he would prefer cremation as it is a faster and cheaper process.

The South American further revealed that after being diagnosed with cancer, he had to put his affairs in order.

He also opened up about how his wife Wambui Kamiru stood by him when he was undergoing treatment, accompanying him to London and being supportive through the entire process.

This even as Jeff Koinange revealed that Collymore was anticipating his death as doctors had told him that he would be lucky to make it past July.

According to Koinange, the CEO had informed his close friends and relatives that his time was running out and had even urged Safaricom to name his successor as company CEO.

Bob Collymore was born in 1958 in Guyana and died of Myeloid leukemia at his home in Nairobi.

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