Michael Olunga celebration styles and what they mean

Each and every time Harambee Stars striker Micheal Olunga scores a goal he has a special style of celebrating.

The different styles of celebrating, he says, have different meanings.

Here are some of the style and what they mean:

Celebrating by pushing his fist in the air, it means that he will not give up, but rather he will push harder.

Micheal Olunga
[Source: M. Olunga]

0pening up his arm: it means that he is still depending on God’s strength even though there might be signs of fear.

Micheal Olunga.
[Source: Micheal Olunga]

When he lifts his arms up after scoring, to him it means God is above all and it is not by his strength but all glory is to God.

[Source: M. Olunga]
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