Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Radio queen Kamene Goro prohibited from going on air

The former NRG Radio presenter has been sued by her previous employer for leaving the station unexpectedly.

This was reported to the Employment and Labor relations court last week on Thursday. The hearing was held on Friday as per the Kenya Law cause list below.


Sources say Kamene and her colleague gave their employer a three-day notice before they left for Kiss 100, which is considered as violating terms of employment. Many employers ask for at least one month notice.

[Source: Instagram, Kamene]

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The report indicated that Kamene and Kibe should go off air to give the station time to look for replacements. The voluptuous radio host went on her Instagram page to express how she felt about the situation and added how she has no source of income.

“It has been a couple of tough days since Thursday, June 27,…I have been taken to court, an injunction has been slapped on me. Am not supposed to go on air, so how am I supposed to earn my living? my career?,” said Kamene.



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