Simple tricks to prevent loss of your hairline

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It is usually embarrassing to flaunt your natural hair when the hairline has been depleted.

To some people, the hairline is thinned such that their hair begins almost near the middle part of the head.

Thinning of the hairline is mostly caused by poor styling techniques and the use of damaging hair products.

Here are ways you can restore and prevent loss of hairline:

Avoid ‘alcohol’ hair products: Alcohol hair products have a tendency to dry your hair. Products that also have strong chemical products can burn your hair from the roots. Your stylist should not use chemicals on your hair.

Massage your hairline: Use natural oil to massage your hairline if it has already been broken. Oils such as castor and argan can strengthen your edges and also stimulate growth.

Moisturize your hair: A moisturizer works as a sealer, making sure the hairline base attaches to the skin. This prevents it from breaking. Therefore, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer at least once a day for a lasting effect.

Reduce heat exposure: Heat is a major destroyer of hairline as it weakens it gradually until it breaks it completely. Do not blowdry your hair more than twice in three months. You should also use less of hairdryers and flatirons to keep the hairline stronger.

Choose hairstyles wisely: Protective hairstyles such as natural kinky are recommended as the protect your hairline. You should avoid tight braids, ponytails and weaves which pull your hair, making it weak. If you are a fan of braids, do not keep the on for more than four weeks.

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