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What to do when a stray dog attacks you

Stray dogs are found in every corner of estates across Kenya and are in fact a menace to residents who sometimes get infected with rabies after a dog bite.

This explains why Nairobi County set aside Sh100 million to deal with the canines.

Bark Busters reports that stray dogs are usually hungry, thirsty, sometimes injured – and almost always frightened. They could also carry disease and might be aggressive.

Signs that a dog might be aggressive include and are not limited to baring teeth, lifted tail and raised ears.

Look out for signs that the dog wants to attack.
Photo/Cesar’s Way

When confronted by an aggressive stray dog, the first thing you must remember is to stop moving. Do not run. Stand your ground and remain motionless. In many cases, the dog will bark at you and walk away.

Look away. The dog might interpret eye contact as a sign of aggression. Avoid looking at the dog and fix your eyes elsewhere.

Search for a something to climb on to and call for help. If there’s a car nearby and there’s no sign of the dog backing down, climb on top of the car or a tree.

If there’s no way out and the dog attacks you, use your arm to deflect any bites or lie on the ground, curl into a ball and cover your head with your arms. Ensure you visit a medical facility immediately after the attack.

Dogs are pack animals and when they walk alone, they are not usually confrontational and are less likely to attack. Never confront a stray dog.



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