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40 African migrants die in Libya after an air strike on a detention centre

Health and emergency officials have confirmed that 40 African migrants have died and 70 others injured after an aerial strike on their detention centre in Tripoli, Lybia.

Aljazeera reported that the detention centre was home to 150 African migrants from mostly Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia.

The attack on the Lybian detention centre has been blamed on Khalifa Haftar’s forces Libyan National Army.
| Source: Getty Images |

Khalifa Haftar may be behind attack

The detention centre officials blamed the attack on Libyan traitor Khalifa Haftar who has been fighting the Libyan government for the last three months.

“This is the not the first time that Haftar forces have targeted the centre. It came under attack in April when Haftar forces began their campaign to capture Tripoli,” Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Abdel reported.

Tripoli also houses various military camps that are allied to the UN-backed government. The troops are based in the country’s capital to fight Khalifa Hafta’s Libyan National Army (LNA). Early in the year, LNA launched an attack to take over Tripoli.

On Monday, LNA said they would now explore air strikes on targets in Tripoli because they had exhausted “traditional means” of war. However, LNA denied that they were responsible for the attack on the detention centre on Tuesday evening.

People gathered outside Tajoura Detention Centre after the an airstrike killed about 40 migrants east of Tripoli on Tuesday July 2, 2019.
| Source: AFP |

A transit country

Libya is a transit country for many African migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe by boat. Most are usually escaping poverty and conflict in their countries. However, Libya’s life guards hijack the boats heading to Italy and detains its passengers.

The migrants are detained in detention centres together with illegal migrants and those seeking asylum. While in these detention centres, they undergo dangerous and inhumane conditions.


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