Four signs you have an evil mother-in-law

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Some mothers-in-law are very fond of their sons and once they decide to settle down and move out, it’s tough for them to let them go. If they do not like the lady their son has chosen, it will be a nightmare.

They become jealous because they feel they are not getting the same attention and this can ruin the relationship and marriage. This is how to know you have an evil mother-in-law.

She is controlling

It’s very important to respect your elders no matter the age but when your mother in law begins taking control. There is a problem. If she is always calling the shots in your family home, telling you how to raise the children, what to do for her son and does not respect what you stand for, that is a red flag.

She shows her negative side in your presence only

When she is always kind and nice towards you only in the family gatherings and does not portray that when both of you are together, she is a toxic one. She is two-faced and high chances are if you complain about her, the rest of the family relatives will only speak positive things about her.

She has no boundaries

Lack of boundaries can be shown in many ways which include coming to sleep over at your home unannounced, bombarding your husband with uncountable calls, coming to your room unexpectedly, making decisions for your children for instance what school they should attend or eat. Be warned!

She holds grudges always

If she feels threatened by you, be sure she will always bring up your past mistakes. Besides she will also guilt trip and manipulate you which could lead to an emotional breakdown or depression once you can’t handle it anymore.

Open up to your husband once you feel things have become elephant to avoid making hasty decisions.

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