KCSE students suspended in Busia after sex toys were found in dormitories

Six form four candidates from St Monica Chakol Girls in Teso South, Busia have been suspended from school after being ‘found’ in possession of bhang and sex toys in their dormitories.

The County Education Board (CEB), John Shiundu, on Tuesday grilled the school principal,  Sellah Aketch, on the matter. It is alleged that the principal hid the incident from the board chairman.

Mr Shiundu expressed concern about the candidates who have only three months to sit for final exams.

“Our preliminary investigation shows that some other things were not done in accordance with the law that governs education by the management of the school,” said Shiundu.

Internal investigations have since been launched to find out how the items paved their way into the school. Four students have been interrogated on the matter.

The CEB chair urged principals in the county to be vigilant to avoid cases of students sneaking hard drugs into schools.

Use of sex toys in schools has previously been exposed and blame has been put on the growing rate of lesbianism in boarding schools.

In June 2018, a student from Moi Girls was sexually assaulted and investigations were launched to investigate the matter.

A year down the line in May 2019, more pointers emerged that referred to an early report by the Kenya Union of Post Primary Educations Teachers that attributed the rape incident to growing lesbianism at the school.

An internal investigation that was conducted by KUPPET concluded that there was no man at the dormitory, which was the scene of crime executed during the night.

KUPPET felt that the victims may have been molested by fellow girls for rejecting their sexual advances after it emerged that a student who was found in another girl’s bed during the commotion later complained of pain in her genital area.

In August 2018, parents at Kirinyaga High School accused a student claiming to be sexually assaulted that she had used a sex toy which injured her genital parts.

The school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA) chairman, Daniel Mwenda, maintained that investigations into the matter led them to believe the rape allegation was not true.

“We have asked our daughters and they have said that it was a lie and the girl wanted to be transferred from the school,” Mwenda told journalists.

A research done by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) in April 2019, which sampled secondary schools, revealed that 6 out of 10 students spend their holiday in clubs and visiting their boyfriends.

More than half of the students admitted to have watched pornography.

 Media was stated to be the main source of their information, where films and video topped the list.

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