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Six tips every lady needs for the ‘cookie jar’ to stay healthy

The same way you are attentive with what hairstyle to put next, your ‘cookie jar’ should be given the same priority. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ because it produces fluids and cells that form the discharge but that does not mean it should not be cleaned.

It’s one of the most sensitive organs and to avoid having bacterial infections and irritation, here are some tips that will keep your ‘cookie jar’ fresh and clean.

Wear cotton inner wears or opt to go commando

Have you ever asked yourself why the inner wear comes with a strip of cotton? This is because the vagina needs to be comfortable, let air in and absorb moisture. It is also advised that when in the house or going to bed, go the commando way ( no underwear). This will avoid yeast infections.

Avoid using scented soaps or shower gels

Scented soaps could be amazing to use because they will leave the cookie jar smelling sweet but did you know it’s wrong to use them. This is because the vagina does not have a protective layer and affects its healthy balance of the bacteria and PH levels.

Use lube when making love to your partner

Anytime you are having sex with your partner, make sure there is some lube involved because it’s a buzzkill when the vagina is dry. This may happen especially when medications like antihistamines, antidepressants and hormonal pills have been taken. The vaginal dryness also comes after pregnancy and shortly before menopause. Make sure to be properly lubricated to avoid feeling pain.

Always wash your cookie jar during periods

Female hygiene during menses is very important. If the cookie jar is not cleaned, it will produce a bad odour that is brought by the oxidization of blood.

Use water when cleaning it

The vagina naturally cleans itself. Avoid using wet wipes, towels with harsh chemicals because it interferes with its normal duties. To avoid vaginal irritation or burning sensation use soap/gels that are strictly for the external genitals.

Practice safe sex

Learn to use protection to protect you from transmitting sexually transmitted diseases and infections. According to Women’s Health, condoms are known to keep the PH levels of the vagina steady during sex so that all the bacteria can stay healthy.



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