Tips on how to handle a partner who doesn’t appreciate you

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Appreciating your partner is the best thing to do when in love because as human beings, we constantly crave for positive attention.

If one ignores this act, it leads to other problems such as arguments, frustration, resentment and suddenly we begin to wonder if the relationship was meant to work out.

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Here are some of the few tips on how to handle an unappreciative partner by Dayan Masinde, a pastor and a counsellor.

First, appreciate your partner before you desire appreciation from them. This will serve as a good example and will teach them how to appreciate.

Understand that you and your partner are two different beings who might be seeing things differently. What might be a big deal to you might not be so for your spouse, try not to get offended.

Communicate to your partner and make it clear that it feels good when appreciation is expressed.

Do good for the right motives, not for recognition or expecting payback in return.

Desire appreciation but don’t always expect it or demand it.

When appreciation doesn’t come in the doses and frequency you desire, don’t stop doing good. Keep on being you.

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