Why Bob Collymore’s boys club is the ultimate friendship goal

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The late Bob Collymore’s ‘Boys Club’ has been termed by many as squad goals. His ‘boys club’ consists of CEO, millionaires and even billionaires.

Prominent media personality Jeff Koinange, businessman Ally Khan Satchu, Radio Africa Group CEO Patrick Quarcoo, politician Peter Kenneth, Scangroup CEO Bharat Thakrar, British High Commissioner Nic Hailey, Kenya Commercial Bank CEO Joshua Oigara and MD Standard Chartered Bank Lagos, Lamin Manjang make up the club.

Speaking on Jeff Koinange Live show, his close friends revealed that he had a nickname for each one of them with Peter Kenneth being called ‘the intern’.

One thing that stood out about the group is the fact that all of them are CEOs and bosses in their own rights but they address each other in a casual manner, by their first names or initials.

This goes to show the bond and the closeness that they shared as friends over the years.

The late Bob Collymore’s Boys Club at his home
Photo: Jeff Koinange/Instagram

Collymore’s squad members, Quacoo, Kenneth, Koinange, and Thakrar were with him on Saturday, two days before he died at his home in Kitisuru.

They went into details of their discussion, opening up about how they each met him and revealed that he was the leader of the group, christening him ‘captain’.

They made it a tradition to meet up every Tuesday for dinner, drinks and conversations. They reveal that they had disagreements once and while but worked it out.

Each member of the group has individual moments that they cherish with the late Collymore.

Peter Kenneth revealed that once he was on a boat ride with Collymore when President Uhuru Kenyatta called the deceased on the phone, proceeding to talk to him for over 20 minutes.

Koinange revealed how Collymore and Oigara walked to his house late one evening when Collymore was ill.

Koinange, Oigara and Collymore all lived along the same street, walking distance from each other’s home.

One of the last photos taken of Bob Collymore by one of his friends
Photo: Jeff Koinange/Instagram

His friends revealed that apart from being a CEO, Collymore had no regrets in life. He enjoyed various hobbies including flying choppers and playing the saxophone.

Bob as they fondly called him, found it easy to open up to his friends about his battle with cancer because they were with him through the sickness.

He appointed Thakrar as the chief organizer of his funeral as he was getting ready to die.

He requested them not to mourn when he dies, and appointed Bharat Thakar as the new captain of the boys club.

His close friends attest to the fact that Collymore made everyone feel special and was big on humility, traits that they said they’ll miss about him.

Collymore lost the battle to cancer on July 1 at around 2:00 am and was cremated on July 2 at Kariakor.

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