Iconic Jewelry line Vee Fashion house launching a new collection

The place to be this weekend is The Vee Fashion Show! They will be presenting the Malkia Royal Collection at the Diamond Dreams of Africa Resort, Malindi. The event will be full of glitz, glam and surrounded by fashionpreneurs and industry professionals.

If you are wondering what the fashion show is all about. Don’t worry we got you. The Vee Fashion House is known for designing creative jewelry pieces and accessories like sandals and handbags. The brand is focused on cultural elegance and detailed beadwork. The mastermind behind this is, Vera Onyango.

Here are some photos of her work:

How cool is this jewelry?
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Wakanda mode
[Source: veefashionhouse]
The headgear is too gorge
[Source: veefashionhousekenya]
The goddess neck piece
[Source: veefashionhousekenya]
This neckpiece is quite interesting, it has the Kenyan flag colors
[Source: veefashionhousekenya]
Beaded neckpieces are a win always!
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