Kenyans defend Hessy wa Dandora after controversial social media post

Hessy wa Dandora, an alleged police officer who is famous for killing suspected criminals was put on the spot after a controversial Facebook post.

In the post, the officer complains of certain individuals who keep reporting his account. He further threatens to kill one of the said individuals and display the body on social media to serve as a warning.

Human rights activists have been vocal against the method used by a section of police officers when handling criminals.

The organizations want the authorities to arrest and follow due legal procedure to bring criminals to book.

The post by activist Boniface Mwangi, however, elicited reactions from netizens who seemed to support the police officer’s method stating that the criminals who are mostly teenagers from low-income neighbourhoods have become a nuisance.

Most of the people who support the cold blood killing of the suspects say they have been victims of robberies, sometimes with violence and have lost their hard-earned valuables.

A report from the Human Rights Watch (HRC) says police have executed at least 21 men and boys since August 2018 in Nairobi’s Dandora and Mathare slums whom they alleged were criminals.

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