Magufuli praises Uhuru for arresting MP Jaguar after ‘hate’ remarks

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has congratulated President Uhuru Kenyatta for moving swiftly to arrest Starehe MP Charles Njagua after his xenophobic remarks.

Magufuli castigated the legislator, popularly known as Jaguar, for uttering words he terms ‘poisonous’ and detrimental to the unity of the two nations.

The MP was arrested on June 26 for remarks that were termed as xenophobic. While speaking in Kamukunji, Jaguar expressed his displeasure with foreign traders in local markets.

He called on Interior CS Fred Matiangí to ensure the foreigners are out of the market, threatening to beat them and drive them to the airport if the government failed to heed his advice.

Magufuli said Jaguar was only after recognition when he carelessly uttered those words.

In the same address, the Tanzanian president assured Kenyans and Tanzanians that the two nations are in good terms and will continue fostering unity and working together.

According to Magufuli, Kenya is among the top five countries investing in Tanzania, with 504 ongoing development projects worth Sh170 billion.

He further said that the Kenya is home to many Tanzanians and vice versa. He was speaking at a diplomatic event in Chato town, Tanzania during Uhuru’s state visit.

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