The different places you can watch the Safari Rally

This weekend, some Kenyans will be able to watch the iconic Motorsport -the World Rally Championship (WRC) from their backyard.

The WRC which kicked off at Kasarani on Friday will on Saturday begin at Sopa Lodge in Naivasha.

One of the participating race cars at Kasarani on Friday July 5, 2019.
| Source: Ambassador Amina Mohammed |

People who live near Soysambu in Gilgil , Rift Valley will have a glimpse of the Safari Rally motorcade at 7:41 am. Then later on it will pass by Elementaita at 8:19am. Then the last spectator stage will be at Sleeping Warrior at 8:57am.

After a short break, the safari rally motorcade will resume through the same spectator routes at (Soysambu) 12:35pm, (Elementaita) 1:13pm, and (Sleeping Warrior) 1:51pm.

Then on Sunday as early as 7:11am residents of Malewa near Lake Naivasha. Then pass by the nearby Loldia at 7:29am. The last stop in that route will be Kedong at 8:32am.

After a short break, the car racers will close the WRC using the same route at (Malewa) 10:55am, (Loldia )11:13am, and (Kedong) 12:16pm.

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