Tips on how to walk and slay in heels

There is always a point in every woman’s life when heels are a must have in their wardrobe. This is because they are chic, fashionable and make you more attractive. Before buying a pair of heels you need to make sure they are the perfect fit and you are comfortable in them.

Heels can be uncomfortable when they do not fit well and it can lead to foot damage. If you have been wondering how to walk in heels, we got you. Here are some amazing tips that will guide you.

Learn to take small steps

Anytime you are in heels, learn to take small steps because it decreases your foot’s range of motion so one can’t generate as much power through the ankle and toes. When you walk using big steps, it will look shady and awkward.

Lean slightly back

One of the ways to slay in heels is by leaning your back a bit. This will balance your back and make you avoid having back problems which are known to be common among ladies.

Arch your foot slightly

Arching in heels can be challenging because it can bring about heel pain but it’s a must to arch your foot. This is whereby the heel is connected to the front part of the foot.

The Arc

Make sure your heels fit perfect

Before leaving the shoe store, ensure the shoe is the right size and fit. Wearing heels that don’t fit right leads to the foot sliding up, down and affects the balance. There will be injuries like bleeding, blisters, and ripped toenails.

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