What these different hugs reveal about your relationship

We have all hugged at some point in our lives. A hug always makes one feel relaxed, loved and less stressed. This is because there is a hormone called Oxytocin which is associated with happiness. Hugs are a symbol of affection and there are different types in this 21st century. It is important to know them so that you are able to know what they communicate.

They include:

The London Bridge hug

This is the most awkward hug whereby there is no real body contact. It’s a hug from a distance. If you have received this kind of hug, simply know your significant other is not into you.

The London Bridge

The Back hug

This is an intimate hug that you need in a relationship. It means your partner had missed you and is excited to see you again. He or she wants to spend time with you and make up for those lost days.

The Back Hug

The Straddle hug

This is whereby the woman opens her body and jumps into the man. It symbolizes that the woman is truly in love. This kind of hug needs a lot of emotions and openness involved. It also signifies a great physical connection.

The straddle hug

The tight squeeze hug

This is the firm hug that will always make you feel at peace, less stressed and in love. When a man hugs you like this, he is totally head over heels for you and wants you only.

The Around Waist hug

Being hugged around the waist is a turn on and intimate. This hug shows there is trust and your partner is glad to see you. It is also a genuine way of showing someone they care and want to talk to them openly.

The around waist hug

The Alternating arms hug

This is the kind of hug involves the arms, they go either below or above. It is a friendly hug that shows your partner is happy to be in your embrace but they are not comfortable enough to be open around you.

The Alternating arm hug
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