Naisula Lesuuda decries sick students allowed to leave school unaccompanied

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has castigated school administrations for negligence of sick students who are allowed to go home unaccompanied.

This emerged after a sick student from Maralal High School fainted on the road on his way home from school.

Luckily, the student was found by two MCAs who were using that route on their way from a meeting.

They found the student lying unconscious on the ground and rushed him to Maralal Referral Hospital where he is recuperating.

Lesuuda questioned why the student was allowed to leave the school premises unaccompanied while ill, leaving many wondering what would have happened had the good samaritans not turned up.

The legislator also raised truancy concerns as some students who claim to be unwell will take the opportunity to leave school and engage in what she terms ‘fishy’ activities.

She now wants schools to ensure students leaving school because of health issues are accompanied either by school staff or parents/guardian.

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