Why women love tall men

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We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. One of the major things some of us look at is the height.

There are women who prefer a man who’s the same height as her, a man that is shorter than her or a man who’s taller than the lady.

According to research done by Likely It was reported that 49 percent want their man tall because they are said to be more attractive. They are more attractive due to greater life satisfaction and high self-esteem and confidence.

This should not discourage the short boys though because, in the same finding, men who are 5”7 are known to be very active in sex and less divorced.

Another reason why the ladies are in love with tall men is that they are smarter. This is because there is a link between height and cognitive ability which is a certain biological growth factor like the thyroid hormone.

The hormone is said to stimulate growth and neural development. This is also said to apply in women.

Do you think height should be a major thing to consider when looking for a partner?

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