German Chancellor Angela Merkel seen trembling uncontrollably in public -Video

Angela Merkel, Germany’s iron chancellor keeps trembling in public sparking health scare rumors.

The esteemed chancellor, globally respected for her incredible work ethic has been observed trembling in 3 public events sparking speculation.

She was first seen trembling on June 18, during a military honours parade in honour of the visiting Ukrainian president. She blamed it on being dehydrated.

She was seen trembling just a week later when she had an appointment with the German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. She said that this had been triggered by the memory of her previous shaking bout.

Today, the Chancellor was seen trembling at a ceremony held in Berlin in honour of Finland’s Prime minister. After the incident she said that she was very well and there was no need to worry.

This has raised comparisons with Pope John Paul 2 who suffered from Parkinson’s and trembled throughout his last years.

[Source The Sun]

Previous trembling episodes.

[Source-The Sun]
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