Story on a culture of ‘nakedness before marriage’ wins Caine Prize

A Nigerian writer who wrote about the culture of her tribe which involves young women being undressed until they get married has won the 2019 Caine Prize for African Writing.

The writer, Lesley Nneka Arimah, was gifted for her short story “Skinned” that describes how young girls are ceremonially undressed.

In the author’s society, the girls are left naked and will only be clothed when they get married.

Dr Peter Kimani, the chair of the judges at Caine, described the story ”Skinned” as one which challenges traditions and visions possibilities of women overcoming challenges.

“The winner of this year’s Caine Prize for African Writing is a unique retake of women’s struggle for inclusion in a society regulated by rituals,” said Kimani.

Lesley was announced as the winner of Sh1,000,000 on Monday evening at the award-giving dinner in Nigeria.

You can read the story here

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