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What every woman needs to know about their vaginal discharge

It is the mix of fluids and cells released from the vagina. It carries dead cells and bacteria out of the body. It is known to clean and prevent any infections.

Discharges vary: there are some that are clear, white or cream. At times an odour could also develop but once you observe it’s a bad odour, that indicates something could be wrong.

Here are different types of vaginal discharges and what they mean.

Yellow discharge

This is an abnormal discharge that shows there is bacterial infection or sexually transmitted disease. It also comes with a bad odor.

Brown discharge

This is caused by irregular period cycles. Schedule an appointment with the doctor if it keeps appearing. This could be a sign of uterine or cervical cancer.

Green discharge

This is also an abnormal discharge color that shows there is a sign of sexually transmitted disease especially trichomoniasis. Seek medical attention once you observe such a discharge.

Yeast Infection discharge

This is the overgrowth of fungi in the vagina. Some of the causes of this kind of discharge include: weak immune system, pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotics and normal changes in hormone levels. The discharge is white, thick and clumpy. It leads to itching, burning sensation or redness around the vaginal area.



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