Am done with social media donations, netizens say after Shiyenze cancer fundraiser

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Fashion designer Roselyne Shiyenze has been on the spotlight after being accused of faking cancer by some of her close friends and caregivers.

These accusations have sparked comments from social media users who claim they feel used while also vowing not to contribute funds for medical reasons again.

One user named, Gerald Butler said he is done with social media donations and that he is only going to pray for sick people.

Mwaura also a Twitter user vowed not to donate citing how most families do not account to the public how they used the fundraised money.

”But this should not come as a surprise. Many Kenyan families fight over funeral donations. Many family members do not fully account for the money they receive towards a cause in their own families,” Mwaura said.

Chris Mwangi was keen to note that if Shiyenze fraud issue turns out to be true most people would stop offering financial help to genuinely sick people.

Shiyenze had told netizens that she has ovarian cancer in 2018 and is receiving treatment in India. She recently informed users again that her cancer and recurred.

In 2018, netizens started a fundraiser for her which allegedly raised Ksh 2million. After alleging that her cancer had recurred, Shiyenze started a campaign dubbed ”Vaa Shiyenze and keep her alive” to raise more funds.

On Wednesday, Citizen TV aired a clip which showed Shiyenze claiming the cancer issue was part of a script, which has angered Kenyans more.

Shiyenze has released a press statement addressing the fraud issue claiming that she is currently receiving treatment and that Citizen TVs video was edited to cut out the truth.

Press release by Shiyenze Khasoha [Source: Twitter, Shiyenze]

”I can only hope that one day the full video will come out where you will all see my narration and explanations of my journey with cancer,” said Shiyenze.

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