Jalang’o on why he left Royal Media Services

Celebrated comedian Felix Kodhe Odiwour, popularly known as Jalang’o has opened up on why he left Royal Media Services to MediaMax.

Jalang’o, said many believe that he had a bad working relationship with Jeff Koinage when he worked as his co-host on Hot 96, which he says is not the case.

He said that he joined Milele FM because he believes in setting new goals for himself, that help him remain relevant in the media industry.

Jalango with Alex Mwakideu
Photo Source: Jalango

To him, when you overstay at a workplace, you don’t learn new things that are vital for your career development.

He added that having worked with Alex Mwakideu for a very long time on the radio, they became so close in that, when he is with him he feels fulfilled.

“Working with Alex is such a good experience because we are more than just workmates, we do a lot of things with him,” Jalang’o said.

Jalango relaxing
Photo Source:Jalango

The comedian pointed out that his moves are meant to rejuvenate and help him build a big fan base.

Mwakideu’s co-host also said that he wanted to work on national radio with a wide audience.

He admitted that there are Kenyans who now know him, courtesy of Milele FM.

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