Waititu critics tell him off for making Sh64m fire station

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has been criticised for constructing Sh64 million fire station in Kiambu.

His critics say that constructing a fire station was not a priority for Kiambu residents because they have other pressing issues that need to be addressed before building a fire station.

“In Kiambu, a fire station was the least of concern for the majority, we have issues of poor roads, lack of piped water, poor schools performance, and other basic needs,” Daniel Mbugua said.

Some termed the move as a mere public relation show to win back the voters’ heart.

A section of Karuri fire station under construction
Photo source: Ferdinand Waititu

Mary Karemeri told him that there is a shortage of medicine in the county’s health facilities which prevent them from getting quality service yet he is spending a lot of money on a fire station.

Joseph Guchu dismissed the work in progress saying that it is a scheme to embezzle public funds.

“No work in progress here, because of massive squandering and embezzlement of public resources,” Guchu said.

Watitu’s supporters, on the other hand, lauded him saying the fire station will create jobs and help fight fire outbreaks in the county.

Construction of Karuri Fire Station was commissioned by Waititu 12 March 2019.

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