Interesting headwraps that men can rock

Headwraps have become a common thing nowadays such that even men are embracing it and styling it with great looks.

The looks revolve around dreadlocks, bald heads and heads with a bit of hair in them.

These headwraps are giving men a unique look and here are different ways they can be styled.

A high bun dreadlocks styled with a black headwrap. The wrap can be used to style or hide worn out edges. [Source: Courtesy]
A whole head kind of headwrap that is appropriate for bald men or men with little hair. In this case, it has been styled with a matching shirt. [Source: Courtesy]
The headwrap here has been used to form a half-covered ponytail. This styling is appropriate for men with middle-size locks. [Source: Courtesy]
This is a side bun kind of headwrap which can be styled by men with short hair. [Source: Keseri Headwraps Instagram]
This is a high bun that can be made using dreadlocks or with pieces of clothing. It has been styled high and covers the whole head. [Source: Keseri Headwraps Instagram]
This is also a high-bun headwrap but a shuffled one styled with unkempt locks. This style brings out the ‘rough man look’ that most ladies thirst for. [Source: Courtesy]
This is a low bun headwrap that has also covered the whole head. This headwrap can be used by people with short hair or baldness. [Source: Keseri Headwraps Instagram]
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