Simple ways to cure a hangover

A hangover is a group of signs and symptoms that are caused by drinking excessive alcohol.

Some of the signs of a hangover include; low blood sugar, dehydration, stomach inflammation, nausea, headaches, lack of sleep, thirst. Just to mention a few.

When it comes to hangovers there is no specific medicine or food, you apply what works best for you.

According to the Medical news, they advise one to drink water. Alcohol makes one urinate frequently which decreases body fluids in the body leading to dehydration.

It is advised that one should drink water so as rehydrate your body. Drinking water when consuming alcohol will prevent a hangover.

Alcohol reduces blood sugars. This happens when the body breaks down alcohol, the lactic acid levels increase. Eating breakfast can help regulate blood sugars at the normal range.

There is no specification if the breakfast should be fried or non-oily but it should be a balanced diet.

Drinking coffee or tea is said that it may reduce the effects of alcohol consumption. Caffeinated drinks are stimulants which make one feel less fatigued.

The alcohol one drinks cause oxidative stress which is linked to heart disease and cancer.

To cure that hangover you are advised to eat more of food rich in sources of antioxidants which include; berries, cherries, grapes, carrots, spinach, ginger, dark chocolate.

Just to mention a few. They reduce the negative effects of drinking alcohol.

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