Kate Actress has the fashion inspiration for plus-size women

TV actress and digital influencer Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has a great fashion taste, especially for the plus size women.

It is sometimes hard to dress the plus size body but ladies can pick a few styling tips from Kate, which will make us look just as glamorous.

Here are some of her plus-size captivating looks:

A belt is a must-have for a plus size woman as it brings out a perfect shape for your body. Kate has styled her black bet with a pleated skirt and a satin blouse. With the red heels, she looks amazing. [Source: Kateactress Instagram]
Having a day date? This is the perfect look. The blue tight jeans matched with open stilettos and a white peplum shirt are just the ideal look to confuse him with. [Source: Kateactress Instagram]
Leg day out! Kate actress nails this day with a thigh-high and off-shoulder dress. This is the right kind of dress for a plus-size woman who wants to show off some skin. [Source: Kateactress Instagram]
You have to go to work and have an evening date? Do not worry as Kate Actress has already come through with the dress code for such a day- an ankara pant suit. This look styles with heels and a colourful blouse will give you the right glow.[Source: Kateactress Instagram]
A princess look for the garden wedding or a party. This ruffled dress brings out the ”we came to party” look. The colour is also a good choice as it is bright enough for an outdoor event. [Source: Kateactress Instagram]
This is just the perfect dress that brings out the girl part of a woman. This is a flower high-low skater dress and as usual, it goes well with open stilettos. It can be worn during weddings and parties. [Source: Kateactress Instagram]
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