Esther Arunga claims mental illness led husband to kill son

Former KTN journalist Esther Arunga is making headlines again after admitting that she lied to the police about the circumstances that led to her son’s death.

Arunga said her husband, Quincy Timberlake, punched their son on the stomach and threw him across the wall, leading to severe injuries that eventually killed him.

Arunga also told the Australian police that her husband was probably mentally unwell, as ‘he believed he was removing a devil in his son’s stomach by thoroughly punching him’.

Arunga had earlier lied to the police that the boy had fallen down the stairs but an autopsy report indicated the boy suffered injuries from something like a punch.

Arunga said she lied because she felt that the husband was sick and needed medical assistance rather than police scrutiny.

“Ms Arunga knew that her husband was unwell but only find out the intensity of his illness on the night he killed their son,” Arunga’s defence lawyer Katarina Prskalo told the court.

Esther Arunga is set to be sentenced on Thursday by Justice Martin Burns.

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