Interesting ways to make the living room look expensive

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The living room is one of the exclusive parts of the house that needs to look it’s best. This is because it’s where the guests and family hang out. The living room also communicates a lot about the rest of the house. If you have been wondering how you can make your living room look posh and expensive, here are some ideas.

Hang your curtains up high

Before hanging them high, remember to choose curtains that match your personality, the color of the seats or your preferences. You do not need to have high ceilings to achieve this look, simply ensure the curtains are next to the ceiling. It will make the living room appear taller.


Display flowers

They do not have to be real flowers. You can opt for the ‘fake ones’ especially if you can’t afford and maintain them. Having flowers in the living room will create warmth and elegance that will leave your guests feeling welcomed.


Camouflage your television

This is whereby you get to have a gallery arrangement next to the television. Aim for artistic pieces, it will definitely give the living room a luxurious and expensive feel. Artistic pieces are known to be costly to give it a try. Remember they do not have to be real art, buy what you can afford.

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Simplify your styling

A living room that is overdecorated with accessories can end up looking crowded and cheap. For a sophisticated and executive feel for your living room, learn to pair things in a simple way.


Hang large scale art

Great art comes in all sizes but there is something about the large scale art. It gives the living room a chic and high caliber feel that will keep your guests glued to it. The advantage of having large scale art it will minimize the addition of accessories.


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