Police teargas striking uber drivers at Uhuru Park

Police have teargassed striking uber drivers who had gathered at Uhuru park to protest about their foreign employers for not upholding the MOU they agreed in July 2018.

The digital taxi drivers said the strike, which started on Monday, will go until their issues are addressed.

Uber and Taxify drivers have complained of underpayment and not being consulted when the big bosses make changes.

The MoU, which was signed in July 2018 by the service providers, was to ensure better compensation for drivers through adjustments to both commissions charged on driver earnings and the customer charge per kilometre.

“High fuel prices in the country are straining our pockets, yet the service providers regulate the pricing according to the competing apps,” said John Waweru, the Drivers and Partners Association of Kenya secretary general.

The digital taxi drivers shared their grievances on Twitter, with others demanding the national government to intervene by regulating the foreign companies.

Jips Kamau wrote, “We ask for reasonable and realistic Minimum charge and cancellation per trip, and a dispatch that makes sense.”

X factor said, “We pay for car loans, service the car, fuel, maintain ourselves and our families, while all the app does is reducing fares and still maintaining their commissions!”

Kipsang Tangut‏ added, “We officially on strike we are demanding better pricing. The hailing Taxi app owners don’t consider our inputs when coming up with pricing”

Bingham: “The government should have policies that protect its citizens from exploitation. That’s why other countries have already given regulations towards such! The government is definitely to blame by all means and ways.”

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