Six reasons why men should embrace relationship and marriage counseling

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Generally, women are better at seeking help than men.

According to Dayan Masinde who is a pastor and a counsellor this is so because men believe talking about problems is women’s business.

Here are the six reasons Masinde outlined why men should embrace relationship and marriage counselling:-

  1. It brings self-awareness
    Counselling, leads to self-awareness. Self-awareness brings about healing and purpose.
  2. Counselling teaches men how to open up
    A lot of men want to love, but they don’t know how to do it, because society has taught them otherwise.
  3. It helps in creating understanding: Counselling allows couples to understand each other because a lot of men don’t understand women and vice versa, leading to conflict and meaningless arguments.
  4. Counselling equips men
    Councilling forums give men information concerning love and relationships so they learn what to do and how.
  5. It provides a safe and private place for men to vent
    Counselling provides a safe and private place for men to vent, open up, and communicate to the woman effectively about what he feels about her.
  6. It rekindles love
    Counselling allows a man and his woman to take stock of their journey and what is important to them. This perspective helps couples to refocus, rekindle their love and not blow issues out of proportion.

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