Sonko hits back at Aden Duale for questioning county revenue

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has hit back at House majority Aden Duale for questioning the governors the whereabouts of the revenue they collect in counties.

Speaking on Sunday, in Mombasa, Sonko said the money governors are asking for is meant to develop county governments, unlike what the MPS want as an increment on their personal allowances.

Sonko told Duale, he should know that the governors know the needs of people on the ground and they are committed to seeing they are taken care of when it comes to development.

“Duale is asking the whereabouts of the revenue we collect in counties as if he doesn’t know all that money is taken to the Treasury,” Sonko said.

The governor told Duale, that he should know that most governors are accountable when it comes to county spending because they must inform the national auditor general on how they want to spend certain money.

He told the MP, his chances of being re-elected in 2022 are slim because of his behaviours and remarks.

The governor said the move by MPs to cut on the money allocated to the county government is denying development at the grassroots levels.

‏Governors have been at war with MPs over money allocated to the county governments with governors wanting it increased and MPs wanting it reduced.

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