Safaricom to be sued over reverse call feature

A man has gone to court seeking justice over what he terms as intellectual property theft by Safaricom.

Mr Davidson Ivusa has claimed that the newly introduced reverse call feature by Safaricom was originally his idea.

He claims that in May 2010 he pitched the idea to them under the brand name: Jichomoe. He said the feature was supposed to function as the current reverse call feature works by transferring the calling costs to the receiver.

The man has retained Kirui Kibet & Adoli advocates as lead counsel and they want the telco to either cease using the feature immediately or pave way for discussions through which it can acquire the rights to his intellectual property.

Safaricom has previously been accused of stealing ideas. Faulu Kenya took them to court for stealing their Mshwari idea. In 2017 a Kenyan took them to court accusing them of stealing his M-Pesa 1 tap idea.

A South African took Vodacom to court for stealing his please call me feature and yet another Kenyan accused them of stealing his bus card idea that they dubbed the 1963 card.

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