How to offer support to a grieving person

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing someone can go through in life as it throws you off balance, and leaves you with intense pain and confusion.

This is the time where the bereaved needs their closest friends and maximum support from living family members.

As a friend or family to the bereaved, you may be confused about how to offer support. Here are ways you can be there for someone who is grieving:

Look out for signs of depression: There is a perfect period for grieving where the bereaved is allowed to look confused and even angry. However, when such behaviour continues long after the deceased has been buried then they might be depressed. Push them to go for counselling and ensure they start doing the things they used to enjoy engaging in. This will help them feel alive and find a reason to be happy again.

Stick close after the funeral: Most people usually stick to the bereaved during the funeral and assisting in logistics of the burial but after that, you never hear from them again. Keep in touch with them and visit them occasionally to see how they are fairing on. Help them in any way you can in the journey to restore their lives after grief.

Offer more than emotional support: It is good to be emotionally supportive by being sensitive and having considerations on the feelings of the bereaved. However, sometimes they need more than that, as a good friend this may include taking her kids to school, finding someone to help in the house chores and sometimes cooking. Eventually the bereaved will get back on their feet but they need your support during the difficult time.

Allow the bereaved to grieve and talk: To most people, talking is the best way they can deal with their feelings. This situation calls for you to be an old-fashioned therapist who listens more than talks. Let them talk about how they feel, the good and bad moments they had with the deceased and how they were in love. Listening compassionately and understanding their feelings will help them heal faster.

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