Joseph Hellon: Quincy’s ‘witchcraft’ is the source of Esther Arunga’s misfortunes

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Jazz Maestro Joseph Hellon has come to out to speak about former anchor Esther Arunga’s predicament.

Speaking to NTV’s Ken Mijungu, Hellon alleged that Esther Arunga’s husband practised witchcraft and a was a notorious conman.

He says Quincy and him started off as great friends as they went to the same school and were even deskmates at the same point.

Hellon, however, denies claims that he match-made Quincy and Arunga, adding that when he unearthed the dubious and diabolical activities his friend was involved in, he tried to warn Arunga.

The musician says he even called an intervention at his home in Kitisuru to try and convince Arunga that the man she was getting married to was a fraud.

He alleges to have confronted Quincy with evidence of his conmanship, prompting the controversial businessman to cry as he admitted it. Arunga on the other hand completely turned against him and refused to believe the claims.

When asked if Quincy brainwashed Arunga, his answer was a quick and staunch ‘yes’.

He laments that accusations placing him as the reason for Arunga’s misfortunes are misinformed as she resided comfortably with him and his wife at their home.

The maestro further adds that he is saddened by the unfortunate incidents surrounding Arunga’s life, saying that she never listened to him.

In an interview in 2010, Arunga says she met Quincy on social media while they were studying in Australia and she said she knew exactly what she was doing and was of sound mind.

Ms Arunga is awaiting judgement scheduled for Thursday after she admitted that she lied to the police about the incidences surrounding the death of her son, Sinclair, making her an accessory to murder.

If found guilty, she could be locked up behind bars for 25 years.

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