Jubilee’s Sh600 million speech-writer

A current British Member of the European parliament has confirmed that she indeed worked as President Kenyatta’s speechwriter during the 2017 campaign.

Ms Alexandra Phillips, a current Brexit party MP, a far-right party led by Ukip leader Nigel Farage is heard in an audio recording admitting to the fact that she was contracted by President Kenyatta’s campaign team as a speechwriter.

Ms Alexandra Phillips [Source-Instagram/Ms Phillips]

Ms Phillips was working at Cambridge Analytica, the disgraced firm that has been charged with stealing private data and peddling fake news online. The firm was contracted by the Jubilee campaign team in the 2013 and 2017 elections.

The firm’s former managing director admitted to rebranding the entire Jubilee party twice, writing their manifesto and conducting two rounds of 50,000 participant surveys.

Mr Mark Turnbull Former MD Cambridge Analytica [Source-Data economy]

Ms Phillips had initially denied her involvement in the campaign in an interview with the British Tv broadcaster Channel 4, claiming that it was untrue and threatened to sue the broadcaster.

In the new recording released she is heard confirming her involvement.She says she was hired as a communications consultant charged with writing the Presidents speeches, his talking points and State House statements.She also trained their communications team.

She said that she was paid Sh600 million together with her colleague for the entirety of her contract. Begging the question, is there a shortage of speechwriters in Kenya and if there isn’t would they have been paid as much as the caucasian?

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