Mike Sonko to tax dog and cat owners in Nairobi

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Nairobi county administration has proposed a set of new taxes and levies for Nairobi residents to finance Sh2 billion annual budget Bill 2019.

For the first time, residents will be required to pay for fire certificates, garbage collection and a health inspection fee for pets such as dogs and cats for owners.

Cats. [Source: Global geography]

A report by Business Daily states that “Nairobians intending to keep dogs or cats will be charged Sh1,000 health inspection fee among many other new taxes.”

In addition, households will pay a fire certificate of Sh2000 per annum. A garbage fee of Sh100 for informal settlements, Sh300 for the middle class and Sh600 for upper-class estates.

The Nairobi City County’s Finance Bill 2019 proposes that all households in the city pay a fire certificate fee of Sh2,000 per annum in addition to new monthly garbage collection charges of Sh100 for informal settlements, Sh300 for middle-class estates and Sh600 for high-end suburbs

Gas vendors are set to dish out Sh30,000 for a fire certificate nearly seven times more than the Sh4,500 currently charged.

Fish and chips food joints, some of the most popular eating outlets in the city, will now pay Sh12,000 or double the current charge for fire certificates.

Sonko’s administration has projected Sh17.32 billion will be raised from such taxes and levies.

The county projects to raise Sh3 billion in fire certifications alone from an estimated 1.5 million Nairobi households.

The controller of the budget has shown that Nairobi’s own source of revenue collection has declined year on year with Sh10.1 billion collected in the 2017-18 period down from Sh10.93 billion raised the previous year.

The new levies are contrary to the governor’s promises of reducing taxes and levies paid by Nairobi residents.

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