People are getting murdered in Africa’s top tour destination

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Travel & Leisure magazine listed Cape Town as this year’s top tourism destination in Africa and the Middle East but they are facing a crisis down south.

Gang violence in the Cape Flats region of Cape Town has spiralled out of control. The region has been averaging about 10 murders a day bringing the total number of people murdered to about 1000 people from January.

The violence intensified this month forcing President Cyril Ramaphosa to send a battalion of South African army officers to the region to help the police quell down the crime last week.

The operation appeared to be going on successfully with 143 arrests as the police were led by the South African minister of police Mr Bheki Zele.

However, the good news was shortlived after reports emerged that 43 people had been murdered over the weekend despite the military been deployed in the region.

Local residents have expressed hopelessness over the military intervention saying that the peace generated will only be temporary and the situation will resort back to insanity.

Cape Town is one of the most unequal cities in Africa with the rich segregating themselves behind high perimeter walls and the poor banished in shanties in the Cape Flats region.

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