Pictures: Socialite Bridget Achieng throws lavish 30th birthday

Socialite Bridget Achieng lit up her Instagram account after sharing pictures of her exotic birthday party.

The mother of one threw a lavish party that surpasses the standard of a queen. She was also looking great meaning that age 30 is being too good to her. Here is how the party went:

Doesn’t 30 look great on our lovely girl Bridget Achieng? She is glowing with the growth. Her birthday was pink-themed which is a girl’s most favorite color. [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
This is how queens arrive at their birthday party. With mazing gowns, a queen crown and silver stilettos. Bridget did not come to play at her party she served us all these amazing goals. [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
Doesn’t she look happy? Today is her day, she packs away the problems and enjoy living. The queen of the party is reigning.[Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
Mother Son Goaals! Bridget is looking so lovely with his son Sekani Rich Opeyemii. [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
If you aren’t salivating at the sight of this gold-themes cake, then you’re definitely not a cake person. Even Bridget looks surprised and eager to taste the cake. Could we have a piece?? [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
Girls just want to have some fun and of course dance until our backs ache because you only live once. Bridget with her friend dancing and we can’t help but notice the popping champagne. [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
Let us toast to more of such birthday parties, Bridget seems to be saying that. We wish her all the best in her endeavors. And yea this party was obviously lit. [Source: Instagram Bridget Achieng]
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