Testimonies: How it feels when you are dying

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Have you ever wondered how death and dying feels like? Whatever you imagine your last moments on earth to be, there are people who have actually experienced it.

Around the world, there are individuals who had been declared clinically dead but came back to life. These people experienced death for a few minutes or seconds.

Medical Dictionary defines being clinically dead as having no pulse, no respiratory movement, and corneal reflex. It occurs when blood circulation and breathing have stopped and the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm.

When dying, you first start with the loss of consciousness, then you enter into a dream-like state.

The Independent reports of a man who died (experienced near-death-experience) twice for about two minutes. He described the feeling as a black emptiness with no thoughts, no consciousness and felt like he was taking a very long nap.

Apparently, the process of dying also comes with an unexplainable sense of peace.

Below are some accounts from Reddit users who have experienced near-death feeling.

@barrymendelssohn86 described the feeling as relatively peaceful and feeling like you have been wrapped in a big and warm blanket.

@Mr-TeaBag-UT_PE describes it as the darkest dark and the most silent silence. He adds that he felt like he was actually floating and floated toward something that he could not explain.

@thebestjoeever says he felt relieved and his stress, the nightmares, the troubles were all gone for the 30 seconds that he was clinically dead. He adds that there’s a feeling of non-existence, further terming the entire process of death as beautiful.

Other users said that once they came back to life, they wanted to go back to being nearly dead due to the peaceful nature.

While death is a natural phenomenon, many people live in fear of the dreaded day.

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