Esther Arunga: I lived with Quincy in college, he paid my fees

Since the reemergence of Esther Arunga’s issues, details of her past have been emerging once again concerning her rise and fall.

Unknown to many Kenyans who thought that Arunga met Quincy after her broken engagement with Wilson Malaba, the former KTN anchor backdates their relationship back to when she was still in university in Australia.

In an interview with Pulse back in 2012, ex KTN anchor revealed details of her relationship with Quincy and how they first met.

From the excerpt, Arunga said, “It all started in 1999 when I left Kenya for studies in Australia. I had issues with my dad. I got to know Timberlake who stepped in to foot my bills and university fees. That was from 2001 to 2005. Kenyans still believe I met Timberlake just the other day.”

When asked to confirm her new residence in Australia, Arunga disclosed that the house they were occupying at that time is the same house they lived with Quincy during her campus days.

She said, “ Like I said, it is not my work to convince anyone that I am living in Melbourne. The Australia Supreme Court website has all my details. I will also forward you copies of my passport, visa and residence details. We are living in the same house we used to stay in when I was here for studies.”

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