Esther Arunga: Parents wanted to marry me to a cabinet secretary

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The former TV queen Esther Arunga was involved in dramatic relationships concerning her marriage.

Arunga was earlier engaged to Wilson Malaba, a church elder and broke the relationship two months prior to the wedding.

Soon after, Arunga was dating Quincy Timberlake and before her fans knew it, they were married.

Even before Arunga’s marriage to Quincy, her parents strongly opposed their relationship. At the same time, Arunga had formed a political party with her husband and Joseph Hellon of the Finger of God controversial church.

With regular tension between her parents, Arunga married Quincy when still in detention and later sought asylum and flew abroad to Dubai then settled in Melbourne, Austalia where they have been living.

From an interview excerpt with Pulse, Arunga stated that a primary reason her parents opposed her marriage to Quincy was that some politicians in alliance with her parents were marrying her to a cabinet secretary.

She said, “I can now tell you that the Wilson Malaba issue was stage-managed to distract Kenyans from knowing the truth. This may come as a shock but they (powerful politicians) wanted to marry me to a cabinet minister. My family was involved in it as they had and still have interests in politics. The public should know that that is why I was so mad with my parents.”

Her blatant rejection of the deal and love for Quincy landed her in trouble as she claims that powerful people would stalk her and issue threats.

“Some ‘powerful’ guys were tracking us all the time using what we believe were hired men. Everywhere we went to, a strange car followed us. It may sound bizarre but the same guys gave my husband an ultimatum to leave me and abandon his political ambitions if he wanted to live,” Arunga said.

The former TV star claimed that in late 2011, a black Range Rover stalked them. She also claims that they managed to escape seven bullets at numerous attacks that made them shift their Kitsuru home to another hideout.

“I was undergoing endless public scrutiny and threats by unknown people. We got threatening notes from people. We had to seek asylum and so we fled away to Dubai then to Melbourne, Australia where we are living now.”

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