Pictures of Priyanka Chopra, husband as she turns 37

Actress Priyanka Chopra popular for her main role in series Quantico is turning 37 and we can’t help but notice how marriage has been good to her.

Priyanka got married to singer Nick Jonas last year December and she has been glowing, looking happy and lovely in their couple photos.

Here are the cutest photo of these love-birds:

Priyanka definetly looks happy in the arms of his lover Nick Jonas who she has constantly decribed as extremely loving. [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
These are the kind of phots you take when you get married to a musician. The fire is obviously still blazing between the two months after their wedding. [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
Couples that stay together slay together. Priyanka and Nick Jonas look lovely at a party they both attended. [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
Nick and Priyanka serve each other the ”I will never leave you look”. Who knew a marriage between and Indian and a christian would look this great? [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
Sometimes you have to take a break and take those cute studio photos that make both of you feel like flying as Priyanka Chopra’s dress is. These couple are definetly photogenic. [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
Now this is the ”I can’t wait for us to get home look”. As I have earlier stated the fire is still on in this marriage. We wish them all the best as they spend their years together. And to Priyanka Happy Birthday Queen. [Source: Priyanka Instagram]
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