What to expect in last three months of pregnancy

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This is the last stage which begins in week 28 and ends on the last day of giving birth (7-9months).

However, whattoexpect reported that labor is experienced a week earlier or later and it’s advised that every pregnant woman needs to look for their own ways to reduce the pain.

During this trimester the baby has increased in size. This is because it has developed hair, skin, nails, bones, digestive system, brain, and the five senses. The five senses are present by week 29 or 30. Hair, skin, and nails are seen by week 32. In week 36, fat keeps accumulating as your baby sheds vernix which is a waxy substance that protects skin from the amniotic fluid) and lanugo (the hairy coat that keeps him warm in there).

Around week 34 the unborn baby faces south (the head is down). But there are cases where the baby is in a breech position whereby the bottom or feet are facing downward. For this state, the doctor is required to turn the baby manually around week 37.

The symptoms likely to be faced include; abdominal aches due to the stretching of the abdomen. Fatigue will be experienced more because of the growing baby bump. Heartburn will also be felt during the last week of pregnancy because the uterus pushes the stomach and its contents upwards causing the burns. Stretch marks appear but can be controlled with ointments. The relaxin hormone loosens your joints and the growing belly pulling your center of gravity forward, which leads to backache. Other symptoms include; lack of bladder control, leaky breasts, Braxton hick contraction, varicose veins, and moods.

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