Crying between 7pm and 10pm can help you lose weight – study

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Do you feel slightly overweight and want to shed some kilos? Wait till it gets to 7pm all the way to 10pm and cry about it.

According to a report by AsiaOne, crying between this time frame helps your body to burn fat and there’s even a science behind it.

When you cry, cortisol hormones are released. These hormones are said to help the body in fat loss.

This study has been backed by popular American biochemist William Frey who says that stress-induced tears are good for weight loss and helps the body get rid off toxins.

Humans are said to have three types of tears; basal, reflex and psychic tears.

Basal tears keep your eyes moist, reflex tears are the ones you involuntarily shed when you are in a harsh environment like a room filled with smoke while psychic tears are the ones you shed when you experience genuine feelings and emotions that come with being human.

Medical experts say crying has a lot of health benefits
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The study states that only genuine tears burn fat. You are advised to cry from 7pm to 10pm because this is the peak time for the release of cortisone.

When you are resting your body, your cardiac muscles burn around 8.5 calories. When you feel emotionally stressed, your heart rate elevates which leads to an increase in the number of calories burned. The more you genuinely cry at this time of the night, the more fat you burn.

When you are stressed, feel free to let out a good cry. Not only does this help in releasing bottled emotions, but also helps your body to burn fat. Just remember to do so between 7 pm to 10 pm.

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